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Welcome to the Tutorials Section – your go-to resource for a comprehensive guide on using ICT tools to enhance your teaching tasks! Specifically designed for the telecollaboration project, these tutorial videos are prepared to offer step-by-step instructions and insights into the seamless utilization of various ICT tools. Our tutorials aim to empower you with the knowledge and skills required for effective utilization of ICT tools.

Explore these tutorials to discover innovative ways to integrate technology into your teaching tasks!

Digital storytelling: Discover the world of digital storytelling! Watch the video below to learn how to use Storybird, a powerful digital storytelling tool, to create engaging teaching content.

Virtual Reality: Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! Please explore the video to learn how to use FrameVR, a virtual reality tool designed to create immersive VR content.

Augmented Reality:

Welcome to the world of Augmented reality! Dive into the video and discover how to use Assemblr, a potent augmented reality tool, to create immersive AR content.


Discover the world of Podcasts! Watch the video and explore how to use Podomatic, a powerful podcast tool, to create compelling and engaging audio content that captures the essence of your ideas, stories, and messages. Happy podcasting!

Connect, Collaborate, Classhook: Your Social Learning Hub!

Discover the world of social networking! Watch the video and uncover the ins and outs of using Classhook, a powerful social networking tool, to connect with peers, share educational content, and create collaborative learning experiences.


Welcome to the world of gamification! Watch the video and explore how to use Kahoot! as a gamification tool to transform your learning experiences, engage your audience, and make education interactive and enjoyable.

Game On, Knowledge Up: Gamify Your Learning Adventure with Kahoot!

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