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Telecollaboration Procedure

O’Dowd and Waire’s (2009) Progressive Exchange Model is adopted as the guiding framework for designing telecollaborative tasks. The framework is intended to facilitate the active participation of English student teachers in developing ICT-enhanced foreign language teaching tasks and promoting collaborative work.

Please see below to see the procedure.

1. Meeting

Introducing yourself

​Whole class session:

  • You will use ‘Padlet’ to introduce yourselves and get to know each other before the first meeting. During the online meeting, you will briefly mention your background.

  • You will receive information about the overall aim of the project.

  • You will be divided into groups to engage in collaborative tasks.

2. meeting

Selecting topic and ICT tools

Group Sessions:

  • You will decide on the topic you are willing to study in groups.

  • You will search and discuss various ICT tools.

3. meeting

Analyzing products

Group sessions:

  • You will discuss potential ways of implementing ICT tools to teach specific language skills or components.

  • You will discuss which approach/method/technique can be utilized to teach specific language skills or components with technology.

4-5-6. meeting

Developing your tasks

Group Sessions: 

  • You will collaborate and develop your ICT-enhanced English language teaching tasks.

7. Meeting

Reviewing tasks

Whole Class session:

  • You will present your ICT-enhanced tasks.

  • You will give feedback on your peers' tasks.

  • You will receive feedback on your peers' tasks.

8. meeting

Finalizing tasks

Whole Class Sessions:

  • You will refine your tasks based on the feedback you receive.

  • You will express your thoughts on the project.

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