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Renkli Soyut Şekilleri

Welcome Aboard: Let the Collaboration Begin!

Dear fellow students,

As we begin this telecollaboration project focused on technology integration into language teacher education programs, it is essential for us to get to know one another. Please take a moment to scan the QR code and write a brief introduction about yourself, highlighting your background, experiences, and interests related to language teaching and technology. This will help us establish a strong foundation for collaboration and create a supportive learning community.

Now, let's break the ice and create connections!


Dear Participants,

I am writing to express my profound interest in the telecollaboration between Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland and Gazi University in Turkey, with a focus on the integration of technology into English language teaching. I firmly believe that the effective integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools and resources can greatly enhance the language learning experience for both teachers and students. By incorporating ICT tools into English language instruction, we can create engaging and interactive learning environments that foster language proficiency, digital skills, and critical thinking skills.

The telecollaboration project we propose involves a structured exchange of ideas, best practices, and experiences related to integrating ICT into English language teaching. Through online platforms, video conferences, and collaborative projects, English pre-service teachers from both institutions will have the opportunity to share innovative teaching strategies, explore the use of educational technology tools, and discuss the challenges and successes in their respective contexts. Moreover, this collaboration offers invaluable experience for English pre-service teachers to develop practical skills in creating ICT-enhanced English language teaching tasks, which prepare them for successful teacher careers.

We are confident that establishing a partnership between Adam Mickiewicz University and Gazi University will be mutually beneficial. Such collaboration will not only contribute to the progress of ICT integration in English language teaching but also foster the professional growth and development of English pre-service teachers from both institutions.

Yours sincerely,


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